Carl's Corner

   As I have observed equipment service life I have come to the conclusion that there is a direct correlation between equipment longevity and maintenance. If maintenance is 50% then service life is shortened 50%. The work I see is typically 70 to 80%, and that translates directly into years. If your equipment is designed to last 20 years and your current provider is hitting 75% then you can say goodbye to 5 years of useful service.

  • “His service was always prompt, efficient and effective. His Company was well run earning a reputation of fairness and honesty.”   MM   Greater Seattle Homeowners

  • “Our Winery Board of Directors voted to bonus you for the excellent job you did.”   DL

  • “I have known Carl for almost 18 months and worked with him during that time.  I had many opportunities to talk with those he did work for as well as see the work he performed. It is apparent to me that Carl is not only well qualified and skilled in the performance of his occupation but is also very adept at public relations. He brings with him a feeling of integrity and inspires trust in those with whom he associates.”  DS Sales

  • “I have known Carl Schiffeler for nearly 20 years. I think he is the BEST HVAC TECHNICIAN I have ever encountered”; “your service was always timely, thorough, and cost effective.”   TK  Property Manager

  • “Carl Schiffeler and I began an almost daily working relationship lasting for more than two years. With his thorough knowledge of the entire light Industrial refrigeration service business he handled projects with an amazing amount of skill and public relation capabilities, resulting in multitudes of compliments on his workmanship as well as his handling of the accounts in general.”  CB  Business Owner

  • Carl is a descendant of George Washington's gunsmith, William Henry. It's fitting that he works his Trade in the State named after the Father of our Country, mixing old world craftsmanship with the best of modern technology.  It's a family tradition.

If it's not done Right, I didn't do it.