Professional HVAC Temps 


   In 1986 I was Puget Sound's first HVAC Technician to provide Professional Temporary HVAC Service to Licensed  HVAC/R Contractors.

I enjoy the challenges of this work, and in this capacity I work to install, start-up, commission, repair and sell for you. I come to the job to get it done and it is a net plus for you. This commitment  makes TempRight a good business decision.

   If you have an emergency and can't provide same day service - call Carl.

   If you have too much work and need help before adding a full time man - call Carl.

   If you need a vacation - call Carl.

   If you need a second opinion for problem resolution - call Carl.

   If you walk onto a roof and are confronted with something you've not seen before - call Carl.

   I reduce my hourly for this work to assure your profitability and I use your parts as need be.


   Always confidential, working hard and doing good - TempRight Mechanical Corporation.


Do It Yourself


   One of the services I enjoy providing is by phone to help you solve and fix HVAC problems. From thermostat settings and filtration to troubleshooting root cause failures, TempRight can help you avoid service calls.  Facilities Maintenance, home owners and the curious benefit. If you need  OEM, or an equipment specific part, I can get it. If you need advice on how to install them, I can help.  DIY, you have a choice.


On-Demand Labor


   As Trade parts become commoditized, it is important to connect with a Licensed Contractor to advise, or finish a job started. Longevity is not insured by changing parts and walking away. There are many nuances in the Trade that do not yield to enthusiasm, an incomplete knowledge base, or an overabundance of facts.  Having followed the work of many, there are few I would choose to work on the equipment I invested in and rely on. 

   TempRight is your local provider, you will never talk to a call center, tiered support  or a secretary - you get the Owner and he gets things done Right.



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